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Featherlight wear. Ultra-volume. Reusable. An exquisite range of 100% real mink lashes - without the cruelty.

But you also wanted beauty with substance. Because you're more than just a pretty face.


That's why with each lash purchased, you and I support a woman who's a survivor of abuse.

​Slip these on and experience what it's like to be empowered. You'll not only see the'll make one.



Elle Benét is a runner, gym enthusiast, musician and the Chief Executive Officer of Arielle Beauty. With the demands of an active and corporate lifestyle, she wanted a durable, lightweight lash that could last.


"It's feedback from women that built the brand. I love that we are taking steps forward in not only caring for ourselves, but for our sisters too."


Blending beauty and empowerment is such a powerful fusion. 

 Looks Do Matter.

How You Make a Difference

Arielle Beauty is a supporter of the House of Ruth's mission to empower women, children and families to rebuild their lives and heal from trauma, abuse and homelessness. 

Click here to learn more about the House of Ruth program.