Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Earlier this month, I recently auditioned to be on this season of NBC's "The Voice". There was so much excitement in every phase:

1) hitting the "submit" button for an admission ticket (eek, WHAT was I thinking?! )

2) preparing for the audition (never realized how indecisive I am. I think I changed my song selection over 15 times)

3) audition day! Meeting other contestants (again, what was I thinking. Waited four hours in 20 degree weather)

4) singing in front of a judge and nine other contestants (Whoa...i did it! Not "i got selected" did it. More like, I followed through and did it!)


So often, we tend to make our emotions contingent on a particular outcome. When you do that, you are truly overlooking the diamond you already created. For the beauty is in the steps taken...not the end result. And with life continually placing us on a forever winding road of surprises, why would we want to hold off exuding joy when you can celebrate now. You DID it! The outcome of what you did...that will just guide you where you are to go next. The fact that you took initiative? Much to celebrate there my friend.

At the audition, my level of excitement only increased as the day went on. And when I didn't get selected...it increased even more. In fact, when I walked out of the audition I was beaming and smiling, bouncing down the hall, pulled out my camera and took a video.

Our time on earth is an opportunity to discover ourselves. So often we [unintentionally] put this expectation/ burden, on other people and objects. We want someone/something to make us feel loved, someone to recognize our talents. And if it doesn't happen, it can leave us feeling unfulfilled and unhappy.

Be okay with playing on the playground alone. After all, it's what we encourage our children to do when no one wants to be their playmate. When we settle into our own world of play, we naturally begin discovering ourselves.

When I submitted for an audition ticket, a few days later it hit me: I was finally okay with singing in front of a large audience. A year before, I wouldn't even acknowledge my interests in singing. I discovered that I was stepping through what was once a fear. That realization could have easily been overlooked by choosing to spend months hopeful of being discovered and then disappointed at not being chosen.

After returning to work, I was sitting at my desk cherishing and reminiscing the experience. And that's when these words swept through: "When you awaken and realize...the only person who needs to discover you...is you."

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