Lash Care

Recommended to apply any mascara to natural lashes first. Once dry, apply Arielle Beauty Lashes.   This will increase the longevity and maintain the original style of your Arielle Beauty Lashes.

With proper care, Arielle Beauty lashes can be worn up to 25 times.  Keep your lashes in mint condition by cleaning them with a disposable mascara wand and storing in original casing.

3D design mimics shape of a natural lash
Cotton Band- offers max comfort and flexibility

How to Use


  1. Gently remove lashes from tray, starting with inner corner of band. Be careful not to pull on lash itself. 

  2. Measure against natural lash line to ensure lashes are the correct length. Trim excess from outer corner with scissors. 

  3. Apply non-permanent lash glue to the band and wait 10-20 seconds until tacky.

  4. Apply band close to base of natural lash line, beginning at inner corner. Gently hold down lashes for 20 seconds to set.


  1. Dip a q-tip in oil-free makeup remover and apply along the lash band to dissolve glue.

  2. Gently lift band starting with inner corner of eye. Lash band should come off effortlessly. If there’s resistance, avoid tugging on lash band. Instead, repeat step 1. 

  3. Once removed, sweep lash band with a q-tip dipped in oil free makeup remover and gently clean lash band.  You can then use tweezers to remove any remnants of glue buildup.

  4. Please store your mink lashes in original case after each use. This will protect the fur from debris and dust and ensure maximum wear and flexibility of your Arielle Beauty lashes.


Lashes are soft to the touch